Test Preparation:

Before attempting a driving test:

+ You must be at least 17 years of age, have held your L's for at least 12 months.

+ Make sure a minimum of 120 hours driving is logged,(20 hours of the 120 hours are to be night driving) in your log book, and the 20 topics have been completed and signed off. The back page of the log book must be signed by the applicant  and the supervising driver if you have more than one supervising driver, the driver who has done most of your hours must sign the declaration.

+ Remember the log book is a legally binding document: No white out is permitted, no pencil entries, no ditto marks and you are required to fill in each trip as you do it and have it signed off immediately. Make sure the cover does not come off the log book as the RTA may not accept the log book if the cover is not in tact. I suggest you stitch it on when you receive it using a needle and thread.

Able can help you by:

+ Reviewing your driving and evaluating your specific tuition needs before you attempt the test

+ Taking you through a practice driving test to ensure you are ready for your driving test.

+ All Able Driving School students receive a Student Record Card that shows how far a student is from achieving the test standard and the specific topics that still need to be covered and practiced