Advice for Seniors:

New System 2009

Able Driving School is now accredited to test Senior Drivers and approve the renewal of your licence.

lAnnual medical check-ups now start from the age of 75, instead of 80. Eight weeks before your birthday each year, you’ll receive a medical report form for your doctor to complete, which you’ll need to return to any RTA motor registry before doing a test.

Practical driving assessments for drivers from the age of 85 will now be every two years (age 85, 87, 89 etc) instead of every year.

Assessments can now be conducted by Able Driving School.On a ‘fee for service’ basis.

This gives you the option to take an assessment from your home rather than from an RTA motor registry. However, you still have the option of taking the driving test from the RTA at no charge.

lThere is No Limit to the number of assessments you can take with a Driving Instructor.
lProvided no serious fail item is made.


lA driving test is carried out by the RTA at local motor registries for no charge. Older drivers have a maximum of three attempts to pass their driving test before their 85th birthday, and also every two years after the age of 85.

You will need to contact Able Driving School on 02 69224910 directly to book an assessment from home. You will need to supply Able Driving School with your Licence Number and the Card Number on your licence and agree to Able Driving School checking your eligibility for a driving assessment on the RTA website..


Modified Licence

lOlder drivers may opt for a modified licence on their licence renewal without the need for a driving assessment.  The options that can be negotiated on a ‘modified licence’ may include a radius restriction 5, 10, 15km or a ‘home to town’. Modified licence holders will NOT be required to undertake a driving test or driving assessment. 
lCan do test to lift modification


Have a driving lesson well before you reach 85 that way you can practice the skills required for your test. By doing this you can have any errors corrected early and by practicing the required skills you have a better chance of passing your test, it could also make you a safer driver.

NOTE: 85 Year old drivers who have failed an aged driving test will no longer be issued with a learners licence.