Frequently Asked Questions:

From the 19th December 2009 every hour with a Professional Driving Instructor will count as 3 hours in your log book. I have been advised by the ministers office that lessons prior to this date also count as 3 hours for one.

After the 19th December 2009 learners over the age of 25 years do not need to fill in a logbook or complete 120 hours of driving.

1. When can I start learning to drive? Once you turn 16yrs you can attempt the learners test. Once you have passed this test and been issued with a licence and a log book by the RTA you can legally start driving on our roads with a suitably qualified supervising driver.

2. How long are the lessons? Lessons are usually for one hour or two hours in duration. However longer trips can be arranged to cover mountain and snow driving or city driving in Canberra and Albury.

3. When is the best time to get professional lessons? When you first start to drive is usually the best time as you have not developed poor driving skills and habit it is easier to correct errors early rather than later when they have been practised for 120 hours.

4. Can my supervising driver accompany me during the lessons? Supervising drivers are encouraged to sit in on lessons, they can see what the student is being taught and they can then help to reinforce what has been taught during formal driving lessons when conducting practice sessions.

5. Can the holder of current license teach me to drive? Yes, but it must be a full Australian licence not a P1 or P2 licence.

6. Should I learn to drive in an Automatic or Manual vehicle.
Automatic is obviously easier to drive than manual. If you can practice on either I would tend to recommend you learn Manual as you can then drive both while on your red P's on your own.

7. Can I be picked up / dropped off at home, work or school?
Yes, Able will pick up and drop off in the local area but please advise at the beginning of the lesson if you wish to finish at a different location.

8. How much notice should I give before canceling a lesson?
As much notice as possible is appreciated as other students are often waiting for lessons. Remember you may be the next one waiting for a lesson.

9. When can I do a defensive or advanced driving course?
At Able you are taught Defensive Driving techniques from the first lesson and as you skills progress you will also be taught Advanced Driving Skills. We also conduct day courses for licenced drivers who wish to upgrade their skills.

10. Can I Learn in my own car?
You can, but at Able I prefers to teach in my dual controlled cars which are safer for both student and instructor.
Unless your car is registered for Business purposes, you may not have valid insurance if there was an accident during paid driving lessons, as the car is being used for business purposes. As private cars are not dual controlled I prefer not to instruct in them.

11. Can I borrow the Able Driving School car for my driving test?
Driving School Cars may be booked for driving tests providing you are considered by me to be ready for your Driving Test. Students must have covered all topics up to and including Turns at Traffic Lights on their student record sheet and pass the Able Road Tests before they can use an Able car for their test.

12. Where can I learn how to tow & reverse?
At Able we have a 2008 model Mitsubishi Pajero Diesel Automatic, fitted with dual controls and electric brakes. We can teach you to tow Horse floats (P2 licence required), Caravans(P2 licence required) or Box trailers (P1 licence required).

13. Should I teach my child to drive?
Ask yourself one simple question " Would I pass a driving test if I sat for one tomorrow?" If your answer is "no" are you going to be able to teach your child what they need to know to become a safe and competent driver on our roads?

14. How many lessons will I need to learn to drive?
This will vary depending on the ability of the individual, however after about six hour parents usually feel a lot safer and more comfortable with their learner's driving ability.

15. What are the advantages of a two hour lesson?
Besides being $20.00 cheaper than 2 single hours you will also cover about 20% more than is achievable in two single hour lessons.

16. How do I know if I am ready for my RTA driving test?
Able will give you an Able Road Test which will access your driving ability. If you can pass this test I would consider you ready to attempt the RTA Driving Test.

17. What would you teach me that I don't already know because I've had a lot of experience driving on a farm?
On the farm you have learnt how to dodge the trees, sheep and stop before running into the gate or fence. You now need to develop your skills so you can avoid the unpredictable drivers who you will share the road with. You have possibly developed numerous poor driving habits that will need to be corrected before you will pass a driving test.

18. Can I get a workers license before I am 17 years of age?
No- RTA advised me that these licences are no longer issued.