Lesson Costs:
[ALL PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE (Correct at 1st November 2011)]

FREE DRIVING LESSON  Keys2drive (In car driving time has increased to 30 minutes from 1st July 2011) now available in Wagga Wagga all learners are entitled to a free driving lesson. Ring us 0269 224910 to find out more or go to Keys2Drive.com.au

Able Driving School had the highest pass rate for learners gaining their licences on their first attempt in Wagga Wagga for 2010. (70 to 79%)

One hour lesson is $80.00 including GST. every One hour lesson is now worth three hours in your log book up to a Maximum of 10 hours.

Two hour lesson is $120.00 including GST. every Two hour lesson is now worth six hours in your log book.

Driving Test Costs: $165.00 (this includes a one hour lesson and use of the car for the test). The student is picked up at home, work or school, given a one hour lesson before the test and after the test is returned to home, work or school. Usually with their new licence.

NOTE: Able Driving School will not lend a car for a driving test unless the student is considered to be a safe and competent driver by the Instructor.

It is worth mentioning, that saving on driving lessons is not good economy. One crash through inexperience and /or lack of knowledge may cause thousands of dollars worth of damage and/ or injury.

If you wish to develop skills in city driving apart from in Wagga Wagga, day trips to Canberra can be arranged.

If you wish to develop skills in mountain driving these can also be arranged.