Passing your 'L' License:

Age requirement: You must be 16 years of age to attempt this test. You must also provide a completed licence application and show acceptable proof of your identity. Check this carefully. Note an extract from a birth certificate is not acceptable it must be a full birth certificate.

It is a good idea to take your Birth Certificate to the RTA and have them verify that your Original Certificate is acceptable before going for your L’s. One learner recently had an original certificate but it was unacceptable as the number on the birth certificate was wrong she then had to apply for a new certificate.

Medical Requirements:   

Note: If you have any disabilities or medical condition e.g. Diabetes……… you need visit the RTA and get a medical form which you must then take to your doctor, the doctor has to certify you are fit to drive before you can gain your learners licence.

This test is undertaken on a computer which has a touch screen. There are 45 questions selected at random form a bank of approximately 600 questions.

15 questions are general driver knowledge questions and you need to get 12 correct.
30 road safety questions including 10 traffic signs questions and you need at least 29 correct.

How to Study for the DKT.

You should study the Road Users’ Handbook-($10 at RTA offices or download from the WEB

If you think by attempting the practice test on the RTA site is all that you need to do, you may not pass your test. The practice test tends to display the same questions a lot of the time. What you need to do is go to the RTA web site and download all the questions from this site

If you have trouble downloading from this site Able has developed a disk in Word format which contains all the questions on the RTA site plus some extra questions call Able on 69224910 to gain access to this disk.