First Time Driver:

Feeling nervous or a driver with some experience but lacking confidence?

At Able Driving School you will be taken to a quiet location and shown the basics needed to control a car, how to steer, how to change gears (if in a Manual) and how to set up your seat for maximum comfort and safety. You will quickly gain the confidence to progress to busier streets and more complicated driving tasks. We will also explain the direction you driving tuition needs to go in, so you can become competent in a minimum time. Supervising drivers are encouraged to sit in on lessons so that they can then reinforce what the learner has been shown during practice at home. Your Student Record Card show what you have covered, what you need to cover and the standard you have reached compared to the RTA test standard.

Organise a FREE Keys2Drive lesson Free Driving time is now 30 Minutes.

Go to and register your supervising driver also has to register. You will be given a code number which you can send to me by phone or  I will use this code to confirm your eligibility we can then make a booking to conduct the lesson.

Note: Both the learner and the supervising driver attend the session. If there are several supervising drivers they are also welcome to attend.

In car lessons with a professional driving instructor now count as 3 for 1

1 hour lesson equals 3 hours in your log book.

2 hour lesson equals 6 hours in your log book.

10 hours of lessons equals 30 hours in log book (this is the maximum you can claim)

Night driving lessons: a 1 hour night driving lesson with a professional driving instructor is logged as 1 hour night and 2 hour day NOT 3 hours night in your log book. You must do a minimum of 20 hours of actual night time driving.