Before & After you go for the test:

Pick up a copy of A Guide to the Driving Test from any RTA office. This booklet gives you information about the test. Able students will go through a practice driving test before they attempt a test with the RTA. This ensures they have the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to pass the driving test on the first attempt.

You must book for a driving test, and pay a test fee of $44.00. Bookings can be made at any RTA office, over the internet or over the phone (RTA Customer Service 132 213).

On the test day you must provide an appropriate test vehicle. The examiner will inspect your vehicle to ensure there are no defects (Note: chips on the passenger side of the windscreen can be considered as defects), otherwise the test will be cancelled and you will be required to pay another booking fee. Able provides vehicles to meet the necessary standards.

You must be accompanied by a fully licensed driver.


If you pass the driving test, you will be issued with a Provisional License (P1) and Red P Plates to display in your car either on the front and rear of the vehicle or inside the car on the front left and rear left windows. The cost of this license is $46.00, and your photo will be taken and your license issued to you before you leave the registry. Note: you are not allowed to go out to you car to get a wallet.


If you fail the driving test, you can rebook another test. You must wait a minimum of 7 days and you're required to pay another booking fee of $44.00.